Simply Music Piano

Simply Music Piano temporarily delays the music-reading process, focusing instead on developing a ‘hands-on’ relationship with the instrument and building playing skills through learning and playing a huge range of great-sounding pieces. Students will learn classical, contemporary, jazz, and blues pieces all during their first few lessons. They will then begin to learn how to play accompaniments, as well as begin an exploration of improvisation and composition. Typically after a year of lessons, when the student has built a substantial repertoire of 35-50 pieces, music reading is added to his skill set. I teach Simply Music to all my beginning and intermediate students.

I offer individual lessons and group classes. Group classes range in size from two to six students, matched according to age and level. Lessons range in length from 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the group. Anyone age six or older is welcome. 

If you have any questions about Simply Music I strongly recommend you attend a free Student Introductory Session where I will discuss the program in-depth and answer any questions you might have.

Advanced Piano Study:

For some students that have already acquired the ability to play piano at an advanced level and wish to further their study I also offer lessons in advanced piano technique and study of the classical repertoire. Students who are interested in this program of study must meet with me for an introductory interview where we will determine the student’s level of playing and whether these lessons are appropriate.